Frequently Asked Questions


How did Woods of Plenty come to be?

Woods of Plenty developed as a means to enrich what we love the most: our native forests. The 80 acres of forest that we practice in, in particular, truly shaped who we are today. Woods of Plenty; incorporates ideas and techniques from many different perspectives and disciplines on sustainable land care and food production.

Why don't you use Herbicides?

Simply put, there is real value in the native plants currently in any landscape; chemicals don't discriminate

What does a cut at the root collar do?

Initiate the transformation! Big bushes will desiccate, stop casting shade, and no longer deposit seeds to the seed bank. Getting the big bushes out of the way is a real game changer.

Won't the invasive plants just grow back?

Yes, to a degree. One return visit in the following years to cut small sprouts will permanently reduce an invasive bush to just a tiny nub on the forest floor. Native plants in the area and ones that we plant will take over from there.

So you have to cut everything again?

Some bushes will not recover from the initial cut, this is a good time to dig them out. Our first cut through of big bushes is the real time consumer and any second round cut is an easy stroll through the forest.

Why don't you dig the invasive plant's roots out?

We do, but judiciously. Digging disturbs the soil and creates conditions favorable to invasive seed germination. Often times root fragments left behind will sprout. Also, disturbed soil is more likely to wash away in a rain event.

Will my existing trees benefit from your work?

We are sensitive to the needs of the forest. Sometimes invasive plants and vines are hindering tree growth. There will surely be more straight growing and healthier trees as a result of our work.

Can Woods of Plenty landscape my backyard?

We are here to help, with no woodland too small. If you have a yard with a nice stand of trees, want to install some new native species, establish a new stand of trees, a naturalized area, a butterfly garden or a bird sanctuary, perhaps a consultation with Woods of Plenty and a couple days of labor will fulfill your needs.

I am hands on. Can I get involved with Woods of Plenty as my property is being transformed?

We encourage it! Join us in the labor and see your forest transform first hand. We will answer all your questions and share our forest knowledge with you.

How quickly will I see a difference/ be able to start harvesting?

As soon as we start working there will be a noticeable difference in the density and visibility in your forest. Within a year there will be access to more fruits that already existed in your Woods of Plenty. Our tailored plantings take some years to mature but it's worth the wait!

This is all overwhelming! Realistically, what can I do?

We understand. Persistence will bring great change in your forest. A forest moves at it's own pace, so give it time. A quality first move is to hire Woods of Plenty to cut grape and bittersweet vines.